Developing with passion

About us

Before Bloombox was founded in 2005, Sven Buchholz and Jens Hauser had already been working together for more than 10 years, mainly in software development, IT system consulting and IT system maintenance.


Over the years, what once began with the offer of a wide range of IT services shifted towards software development and the corresponding services: Developing client-server applications for Microsoft Windows, planning and launching various websites based on different open source systems and, over time, developing software for the mobile sector as well as browser-based eCommerce- and business software.

Mobile Applications

Until 2014, software development for the mobile sector, as well as its operation and maintenance, had been handled by the Vienna-based adsolis GmbH. adsolis GmbH had been collectively founded with Roland Schild in 2007, when Windows CE still was a widely-used operating system, and its many variations required profound knowledge when it came to its configuration and programming .

In 2014, the Austrian adsolis GmbH was replaced by the German Mobicode GmbH as a branch of Bloombox. The company still offers services for rugged mobile devices, with the focus slowly shifting from Windows to Android.

Web Development

Over the past few years, Bloombox has constantly been increasing the development of business-critical applications for major customers, especially for subsidiaries of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Relying on Adobe ColdFusion Software and Oracle as RDBMS, and adding open-source systems, Bloombox managed to acquire extensive know-how as well as a comprehensive library. All those applications were created by Bloombox and were not purchased from external service providers.

This lead to a demand for servers and virtualization technology and the knowledge necessary was also compiled within Bloombox. For our customers we offer first-hand key technologies. Rented rack space for our application-, web-, mail- and database servers in a Frankfurt-based data centre and backup systems in different locations ensure system stability and prevent the loss of our customers’ and our data.

Comprehensive Know-How

Providing great customer support and high quality service is one of our top priorities. Using a support ticket management system as well as a bugtracking application and documenting software development ensures that our customers and we ourselves can’t be caught off guard by system failure or similar surprises. Well-established processes provide for cost-certainty and a fast ROI.

With our company being based near Frankfurt and with our company’s flat hierarchies responding quickly and reliably to our customers’ requests is absolutely no problem for us! We offer great services at reasonable prices, always putting our customers first.

Consistently New

Our world is constantly changing, and so is the world of IT. Those changes are what drives us forward to do our best. Every day.

We’ll happily accept any challenge – let us help you to implement you projects from start to finish.

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