Smartphones, tablets, etc. represent a big part of modern computers.

Programming works a bit different here. There are different rules, different tools and different processes compared to programming for Windows or Mac.

Mobile Apps

The applications we develop run on Android, Apple iOS or Windows devices with near-native speed. By using Microsoft Xamarin we are able to create so-called cross-platform applications. Those applications have a common code base while offering a native look and feel for every operating system at the same time.

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Cross Platform

By choosing the development environment we can develop applications for different systesm, such as Android or iOS. All that is needed are minor adjustments to  a programming, carried out by specialists of the respective system.

A common code base leads to low costs for an application’s development and maintenance.

Native User Interface

There surely are differences between Android and iOS. An android enthusiast will need some time getting used to the iOS system – and vice versa.

One possible approach: Using operating elements of the respective operating system, making it easier for the users to get accustomed to the application.

This is what we can achieve by using Xamarin.

Want to know more?

Take a look at the website of our company Mobicode GmbH and learn more about our mobile logistic products (information in German).