eCommerce Applications

Our customers have been trusting us with the development of custom software for many years. In order to create rugged and robust custom software, identifying individual requirements, analysing specific processes and specifiying them is  essential.

Your individual web application

Web applications are reachable from everywhere and run on computers, smartphones and tablets. They guarantee the best possible availability on various different platforms.

Users simply need a web browser. Depending on our customer’s requirements we work with Adobe ColdFusion Servers, Oracle databases and open source software.

By choosing the right components we can create even extensive software solutions in no time – even for smaller budgets.

After a short time the costs will have amortized and the consequential costs can be kept low by running and maintaining the software. This way your IT is always state of the art and can quickly adjusted in case the requirements change.

With the Adobe ColdFusion application server and the program libraries we compiled and optimized over the years we develop your individual software in no time. Your users will benefit from a high quality experience provided by the robust application server.

Adobe ColdFusion application server offers many possibilities for optimization and extension, making it the best possible product for you to invest in – for a succesful future of your vision. Even after years, your web application is still running on state of the art servers and maintained by us.

Adobe ColdFusion application server

Oracle data base server

Robust, fast, scalable: The oracle data base server we operate on our Linux servers for you. While operating the system we can adjust every parameter and constantly monitor the system in order to tackle any problem that may occur right at the beginning.

The functionalities included even in the most basic Oracle release guarantee a smooth operation of our web applications for many years. As you can see, the Oracle server is not for “beginners”. And the possibilities offered by “big” Oracle servers are what dreams are made of.

Our Qualifications for your Project

We inform

We provide you with all the information you need in order to learn about the possibilites web applications offer. We will also inform you about possible risks in order to avoid a rude awakening.

We plan

We plan for you and with you. Good preparation and planning are crucial to the success of a project. It is the only way to succeed.

We develop

Development starts either during the planning phase or after its completion. You decide. Based on our own libraries and our developers’ know-how you will witness the creation of your very own web-application.

we maintain

Even a turnkey solution needs some maintenance. We keep operating system, server, and software up to date. If required we include new features and functionalities, securing your investment in the future.

We secure

On our customers’ request our developed software have to pass so-called “penetration tests” during which the web application’s security is thoroughly tested. What we learn from those tests is directly transformed into know-how for the further application development.

We are always up to date when it comes to information on security issues and potential attack scenarios.

and keep costs low

A well-thought-out and professionally developed program keeps costs low. Some of our applications have almost never been significantly changed since they have been launched. Only a few minor adjustments due to changes of legal conditions or requirements.

Today’s planning will help to secure tomorrow and is an important step towards the future.