Lots of meetings and room bookings to deal with?

A simple paper printout is the only source of information on meeting room bookings?

Time for a change! It is time for:


“Raumzeit” – the name is composed of the two German words “Raum” (=room) and “Zeit” (=time). It s a display system designed to facilitate room booking processes.

Room bookings are shown on a display and your employees immediately see if a room is booked for a meeting. Additional information, such as who is currently occupying the room, can be added, if requested.

By means of a timeline future bookings and free time slots are also displayed.

Depending on the hardware chosen, even the device’s frame can be an indicator for a room’s imminent booking. When it is glowing green, this means that the room is free. Yellow means that the room will be occupied shortly. And red signals that the room is currently occupied.

Corporate Design

Your corporate design displayed with RAUMZEIT:

The RAUMZEIT-Connector serves as the central control system for the displays and helps you to change the designs according to your requirements.

The displays are updated automatically – blending in perfectly at any time.

Quick booking function

Do you want it to be possible for your employees to book rooms directly?

With the quick booking function this won’t be a problem. Rooms can be booked for a configurable amount of minutes.

This information will of course be made available for the central room booking system.

RAUMZEIT Connector

RAUMZEIT-Connector serves as a server for the displays. It can either be installed on one of your already existing servers or on an independent system. RAUMZEIT-Connector will be configured for your existing room booking system and serves as central interface to the RAUMZEIT displays.

Microsoft Exchange

Do you use Microsoft Exchange for room bookings?
Excellent! RAUMZEIT-Connector is capable of communicating with Exchange servers and can display already existing room bookings on the displays, as well as return spontaneous bookings to your Exchange system.

Xamarin Logo

Not system-oriented

RAUMZEIT runs on Android, iOS and Windows. We rely on the modern cross platform tool Microsoft Xamarin. Unsere Applikation RAUMZEIT läuft unter Android, iOS und Windows.

Native performance, native controls.

Want to learn more?

Just contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to tell you all about the possibiliteis RAUMZEIT offers.